SANTIHUA is a 100% family – owned Mexican company committed with the different states in Mexico that produce prickly pears in Mexico, which line of business is the production of the First Prickly Pear Distillate.

The power of the creation

José Luis Alarcón Rodríguez, created the prickly pear distillate to share different and very pleasant aromas and flavors. To achieve this, he decided to found SANTIHUA to create jobs to support the economy of the zones where prickly pears are grown, and thus potentialize the natural products that this land has to give.

Trinidad Rodríguez Alemán, Mr. Alarcón´s grandfather, owned a pulque shop or pulquería called ¨La Pasadita¨ now Casa SANTIHUA, where ¨fermented prickly pear beverages or curados¨ were sold. He used to say ¨fill up your glass, drink it and let your body enjoy the sensation¨. Thanks to this influence, and ever since he was a very young boy, Mr. Alarcón grew up with the idea of distilling fermented prickly pear juice to preserve the characteristic aromas of a good distillate.

As he gained knowledge from experience, he made his rustic equipment and adapted same to produce the innovative distillate. As time went by, he accomplished his own production which he has perfected over the years and made himself known in his hometown and abroad through family and friends, while sharing the unique experience for the palate of drinking SANTIHUA. Currently 3,000 bottles are produced every year. This is how an exclusive beverage was taken from Mexico to the world to be shared, enjoyed and appreciated.


José Luis Alarcón and his family live in Casa SANTIHUA to watch and take special care of production, which makes their distillate a beverage intended to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Reyes Acozac, where the distillate of the prickly pear is born. In the year 1202 while on their pilgrimage to Tenochtitlán, the Mexica founded the town of Tecámac where Reyes Acozac is located and which is the town where SANTIHUA´s born and that in 1618 was deemed as one of the main producers of pulque and prickly pear fermented beverages.

Social Responsibility

We want to support the members of the community with jobs, education and resources in order for them to live with dignity and so that all of us together can move forward to improve the living conditions of the region by potentializing land use.