How is this done?

SANTIHUA is characterized by its extraordinary taste and smell, achieved with a careful selection of prickly pears and the traditional fruit distillation process. By watching every step in detail we make of SANTIHUA, a perfect prickly pear distillate.

The prickly pear

Prickly pear cacti grow on Mexican plains and thanks to their water-storage capacity and nutrients in their fleshy leaves, they can grow wild on sandy, calcareous and rocky soils or infertile land. Due to this, cacti were known as "sacred trees" in the past. Prickly pear cacti produce fruit seven years after they are planted and each cactus produces an average of 200 pieces of fruit annually. Cultivation of Prickly Pear Cacti is mainly carried out in the States of Mexico, Hidalgo, Puebla and Zacatecas.


The harvest period is from June to October. Prickly pears are carefully cut by hand to avoid damaging their base. Fruit must be handled with extreme care and prickly pears are selected according to their size and ripeness. Harvest is a delicate task keeping in mind that prickly pears can be damaged if handled roughly. After they are harvested their thorns are taken off. Later, they are packed and transported to SANTIHUA´s Production plant where they are peeled by hand, and after this, the fresh fruit is prepared for its fermentation. Later, Mr. Alarcón, the expert, carries out the triple distillation secret, a unique and incomparable process. At the end the distillate is left to settle for at least 6 months, to ensure the bouquet of a good distillate. At the end it is bottled and labeled by hand.

The Bottle

Each hand blown glass bottle of SANTIHUA´s designed to protect the extraordinary flavors and aromas of the prickly pear distillate. Each bottle is unique and there is no other like it!